Vengreso partners with Albion Ventures Powered by Smartly Built to build its first SaaS application-


Vengreso, an award-winning leader in digital sales transformation and B2B consulting services partners with Albion Ventures Powered by Smartly Built to build their first SaaS application. The exciting new multi-functional sales productivity and sales messaging tool- 


Statement From Vengreso CEO

“This was our first software development project that we have ever done at Vengreso. Because we were a sales training company, and now we are a technology company, I needed to be able to partner with somebody that I trusted, I knew, liked, and trusted that would help me get across the finish line. 

I think it is really important when you are looking at a software development initiative, you want to make sure you choose a partner you can trust is going to lead you in the right direction and is going to end up giving you a final product that is pretty kick – butt.  And that is exactly what we got out of Albion Ventures and Smartly Built. 

Thank you so much for working with the Vengreso team to launch  We love it, we are happy with it, and you guys did a phenomenal job!”  

Mario Martinez Jr CEO Vengreso 

Statement From Smartly Built CEO

“Vengreso was truly a unique development with out-of-the-box use-cases. We were challenged to build an experience that provided results within microseconds and importantly, worked seamlessly with multiple online platforms. This project was creative, fun, and challenging at the same time. We are happy that Vengreso was able to push this very eagerly into the market, and we helped them properly architect a solution and launched it on their timelines. We have one more satisfied customer in our portfolio.”

Dev Cham, CEO Smartly Built


Dive Into The SaaS Application

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